Our Process

Locally Handcrafted Saratogian Spirits

At Upstate Distilling Co., not only are we required to use New York-sourced ingredients, we are dedicated to it! Aside from our German-made still, you will find the best ingredients and materials sourced as close to Saratoga Springs as possible. With a newly graduated college biochemist and an experienced business man with a palate for fine spirits, our team has combined their talents to create delicious spirits. Check out our process!

Sunset in wheat field

Bourbon is to Kentucky as Rye is to New York

Before prohibition, New York was known for cultivating some of the country’s finest rye grain for distilleries that led to equally incredible rye whiskey. Indirectly, Prohibition forced farmers to stop cultivating the grain, and until recently, rye has been considered “the poor man’s fertilizer.” With the recent rapid growth in craft distilling, we’re happy to give farmers a new demand for their hard labors, and even more excited to make New York known for its rye whiskey, much like Kentucky is known for its Bourbon.

Our Ingredients

We understand at Upstate Distilling Co. the importance of sourcing local, organic grain. That’s why we only buy New York State certified organic whole-wheat, rye, and corn flour. The organic flour and Saratoga water are the key ingredients in our unique recipes.

Our Fermentation

To extract the greatest amount of alcohol from our recipe, we ferment our mash for three days. We monitor each batch closely to ensure our yeast are happy and healthy in order to produce the best alcohol.

Our Distillation

In established distilleries in Scotland, they distill their alcohol twice to achieve the best spirit. We believe in upholding this tradition, and twice distill each liquor we produce.

Our Vodka

To make the smoothest experience for our customers, we double-filter our vodka. Our extra filtration creates a creamy texture in our Blinders Vodka.

Our Whiskey

We take pride in producing smooth, oak, and flavorful whiskey. That’s why we contract local coopers in New York state to create our barrels.


In order to remain environmentally conscienous, we collect the spent wash (slurry of grain and alcohol) and return it back to farmers. The spent wash is added to cow and pig feed, ensuring a balanced diet and easily digestable food source.