Saratoga In the Rye

Spirits Details
  • ABV: 45%

In the past, New York was known to be the rye whiskey capital; Ryen’s Rye is made to bring the title back home. The strong pepper and honey notes come from organic rye grain grown in Trumansburg, NY. Traditionalists will enjoy what Ryen has done with his whiskey. This will be available at our grand opening on November 10th.

Price: $48 $45!

Folks have sought out the famous waters of Saratoga Springs for centuries.  I believe combining these waters with certified organic 100% New York grown grains is the key producing premium handcrafted spirits. Distilled only from rye grain, Ryen’s Rye whiskey has a pleasant fruity nose with a hint of caramel and distinctive spicy flavor. I invite you to enjoy an Upstate cocktail with Ryen’s Rye.

Tasting Notes: It starts on the nose with rich notes of spices, pepper, caramel and toasted bread. On the palate, it continues with notes of spices, coffee, caramel, and finishes with a delicate peppery character.



3 comments on “Saratoga In the Rye

  1. Deb

    I won the auction bottle of Ryen’s Rye at the Hamlet & Ghost fundraiser. When can it be consumed at peak flavor?


    1. Upstate team

      Goodmorning, sorry these messages weren’t working with response till now. Peak Flavor should be available on the night of every full moon. Just kidding, I’m guessing you are referencing the age statement on the bottle? That whiskey was aged in a small 10 gallon barrel, surface area to volume that equals a great aging ratio! Our full size barrels (53 gallon) will be maturing for at least 2 years.


  2. Ben

    I was really impressed by this rye. I’m typically a bourbon guy, but I had the chance to try Ryen’s Rye a few weeks ago. Spicy but mellow, and just downright delicious. I’ll definitely be ordering some more.


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